The Legendary 12

An Unlucky Horseshoe

A band of Orcs stole into Norfeld in the dead of night and took all the horses in Lyle’s Stables. The Council was quickly convened and Fry was sent to investigate. The three heroes quickly darted off to follow the trail the Orcs, in their haste, left behind.

The heroes found the Orcs sleeping, but at the smallest noise they popped up, alert.
After a quick but fierce battle the PCs crushed the three Orc Raiders and reclaimed the Horses.

Back in town, Lyle offered them free stable-care for life and the entire town was impressed with them.

Later, Tul the Mage told the PCs where the Second Item was, after they had paid him earlier. He saw Cauldron lake, shining in the midday sun.


Now almost the whole town knows who we are!

An Unlucky Horseshoe

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