The Legendary 12


After resting up in Norfeld and talking about it amongst themselves, the group decided that they were ready to head out for Cauldron and claim the Crown of Deceit. However, the morning of their departure a large earthquake struck the middle of the town square!

It soon became obvious that the resulting chasm that opened led to the old mine shafts that used to run through Norfeld and Tolstead over a century ago. Sable, Rowena, and William of the Council all approached the heroes with offers to explore the hole. Sable and William both believed the mineral deposits that could be discovered would be of great worth, and Rowena happened to know that her great-grandfather, a miner, had died in those very caverns, and was asking for a memento of his passing. The band denied William’s offer, choosing instead to partner with Sable and map the mines for any mineral or silver deposits, as well as agreed to search for Rowena’s families’ heirlooms.

Down in the hole, the adventurer’s ran into challenge after challenge. Duergar’s, or gray dwarves as they are sometimes called, held a large portion of the underground tunnels. Nature had encroached on other areas, making them difficult to traverse. After navigating the cold, narrow passages, solving puzzles, fighting a cult of kobolds, a pack of dire wolves, and a rust monster, the party eventually did find several deposits of iron ore, silver, copper, and other minerals, in addition to a necklace inscribed with the Surack family name.

The heroes came back to the surface after a fortnight and a half of exploration to the celebration of the townspeople. Their discoveries allowed Sable and his general store to expand, and Makivk and the council believe that the mines may be able to be reinstated to their previous working order, providing jobs and expanding the town.



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