The Legendary 12

Old Tower, New Enemies

The adventurer’s made it to the tower, running into little opposition in the small stretch of Black Forest they wandered through. The goblins seemed to have scared away most other wildlife.
At the tower itself, rundown and musty with age, the group bashed their way through a horde of goblin underlings and their leader. Not, however, before this leader managed to ring a gong, alerting the groups of goblins on higher levels.
Ascending the stairs, the three were met with darkness and a bunch of hiding goblin sharpshooters. After a long battle, they managed to defeat the archers, the hobgoblin mage, and even a trio of skeletons that were summoned when old remains were disturbed. They climbed to the next and last level of the tower, partly exposed to the open forest because of the crumbled walls.
A ferocious battle ensued with the goblin underboss and his pet wolves. After a narrow victory the heroes investigated the goblin’s makeshift throne, of marble make and apparently centuries old. They pried free a series of valuable gems and found a secret compartment holding magical gauntlets.

Back in Tolstead, the heroes were greeted with many thanks and their gold reward. They soon traveled back to Norfeld, to share the news of success and rest well after a job well done.



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