Bodahn Raghnall

Bodahn is a former brawler turned guardsmen, and is always eager for action.


For a good part of his life, Raghnall spent most of his nights in jail for drunken and disorderly behavior. Behind him he left a swath of broken noses, smashed tables, and highly offended barmaids. Waking up in the drunk tank, he always managed to scrape the coppers together to pay for damages and appease the bar owners. Further, he eventually became friends with the guardsmen that hauled him off every night. He never fought back when they arrested him, and was generally polite. Finally, one day as he was preparing to leave his cell and try to find work for the day, the captain of the guard stopped him.
“Raghnall, how long can you keep this up? One of these days you’re going to pick a fight with an adventurer or an ex-soldier, and rather than carting you off to jail, we’ll be tossing you into a shallow hole. Why don’t you come work for us? We’ve seen your handywork up close many times, and it’s obvious that you’ve got the physical skill for the job. Plus, all the men respect you, even if you make life hard for us.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Raghnall smiled wide, showing his remaining 4 teeth, and accepted the captain’s offer. After all, he might as well get paid for thumping heads.

Raghnall relishes a good fight and will go out of his way to start one. He prefers bare knuckles, but won’t hesitate if it escalates to weapons.

He’ll never back down from a fight, and takes any sort of blustering as a direct challenge. If angered, he will try to provoke his opponent into taking the first punch, thereby making any reprisal “nice and legal.”

Bodahn Raghnall

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