Draven Olster is the very definition of greed. He worships gold as his god. He loathes Half-lings and all their kin but favors Dwarves.




Draven was abandoned as a child. Born into a town where the only governing force was physical power or a deep pocket, Draven quickly grew to adore both. He honed his body, training in the woods just south of his village every hour he could. Other days were spent toiling at the mills or running errands for extra coin. He ate what little he could and hoarded both money and strength. By the time he was full grown, he had murdered, bribed, coerced, beaten, stolen, and blackmailed his way into power. He owned the majority of the towns wealth, and none dared cross him for his strength. A few devoted followers came to follow him, and Draven prospered. However, the need that had been borne into him as a child never seemed to go away. Always, he is consumed by greed and the desire to grow, for in his mind, to lose money is to be weak and perish. Recently, he has acquired one of the Legendary 12, the weakest of them, from a traveling merchant. The Crown of Deceit affords him a boost in all his dealings with his men and the town. It is feared that soon his influence will grow into neighboring towns and even cities.
His hatred of Half-lings of all kinds is well documented. Draven sees the small race as flighty and inept, though he realizes their skills in stealth and dexterity. He fears that if anyone were able to steal his gold, it would be one of them. On the flip side of the coin, he gets along most amicably with the Dwarves. Their sturdy nature sits well with him, as does the normally shared sense of love for gold.


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