Relndor is the High King of Othyr. He is a just and generous ruler, but often given over to fleeting fancies.




King Relndor is a young King who inherited the crown after his father’s untimely death. His father was a hulking man, famous for his prodigious strength and firm but fair manner of rule. Killed in a failed witches’ experiment, there was much speculation involving the affairs of the late King. Relndor, ignorant of the rumors, stepped up to the throne with an attitude of supremacy. While he is a able King and kind in his rule, he does not over concern himself with the needs of the people and is often busy with unrelated matters. He follows hobbies that invariably change from month to month, more often than actual rule of his Kingdom. Othyr is a country of strong people, and they have flourished under Relndor’s policy of laissez faire. Despite being distracted and flighty in most things, his loyalty to his councilors and wife, Queen Jasmine, never fails.


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