Scarr Raksold

A rugged, serious Human of the Warden class who always speaks his mind. He will not back down from a fight, or a good round of drinks.


Scarr was born in the capital city Sasplen, as the fifth child in the Raksold house hold, and not the youngest. His family was notoriously large, and famously wealthy. Though of course, among the riches of Sasplen, it takes more than gold to impress. Scarr’s father, one Ion Raksold, a notable fighter and once a member of the King’s Army, disliked the pomp and ceremony of living in the nation’s capital. Ion uprooted his family when Scarr was 12 summers of age, and the Raksold’s moved to Belat, a smaller, modest town in southwest Othyr. Many of Scarr’s siblings stayed behind in Sasplen to pursue their own careers and lives, sick of the oppression such a large family brings. Scarr flourished in Belat, now essentially the second eldest of his line. Ion took a liking to his fifth son, who showed promise following the ways of the warrior. Ion took his son to the small woods around Belat almost every evening, instructing three of his sons in the ways of his ancestors. Over time this developed a close affinity between all the Raksold boys and the forest, and Ion told them of their past, of men and women who died defending what they believed in, including the earth itself. Scarr quickly proved to be inherently talented, and rose above all his siblings. Meanwhile, troubles between Ion and Scarr’s mother began to appear. Scarr’s mother, Kaik Raksold, was a holy-woman born and raised, and had only begun a family with Ion after falling in love and forsaking her trainings before becoming a full-fledged priestess. She had enjoyed Sasplen with its riches and comfort, distracted by the constant rumors and excitement. In Belat, however, differences between husband and wife began to become more noticeable, and Ion and his wife argued often. While the sons were trained in combat, Kaik raised her daughters in the way of the clergy. On the day of Scarr’s birth-day, the day when he reached his age of majority and turned 16 summers, Kaik split the family, leaving Ion and bringing her two eldest daughters with her to St. Sulpice to practice her faith and so she could be nearer Pelor’s Temple. Despite the sundering of their family, many of the Raksold’s grew to be successful. Scarr’s eldest sister is a mid-level priestess of Pelor’s Temple. His younger brother was actually recognized as prone to magical talents, and has begun study at the Sanctum, already ahead of his class due to his father’s training. Scarr himself is a semi-successful adventurer, a man of the woods. As Scarr grew in mind and body so too did his talents, and one day he realized that he could hire himself out for odd jobs and help nature at the same time. He had no desire to live of his family’s wealth, and his father had spent most of it in an attempt to rejuvenate the economy of Belat anyway. Scarr did well on his own, adventuring and wandering around the western parts of Othyr, finding whatever jobs he could and always sleeping outdoors under the glistening stars. Two years ago, Scarr received a missive from his mother, Kaik. All is said was that his second eldest sister had died, murdered at the hands of some maniac. The letter hurt Scarr like nothing else had, and he returned to his father’s house immediately. Ion grieved for many months, and was never truly the same after. Scarr was much the same, though his lifestyle left him little time for true reflection of grief.

Scarr is tough and collected, raised to be as unwavering as the mountain by his father. What little humor Scarr once shared was smashed by his mother’s betrayal and sister’s death, and he sometimes has a melancholy view on life. When among true friends, though, Scarr does know happiness. Scarr is honest and frank, often times to the point of being rude.

Scarr Raksold

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