Solus Venator

A bold warrior with exceptional tracking and hunting skills. A great friend, yet feared enemy.



Greetings fellow sojourner, here is my brief tale if you have an interest. My name is Solus Venator from the region of the Jagual jungle. I was born and raised at the foot of the mighty Kelketch Mountains a passing of the sun dial south of Tel-kek village where the river meets the scenic Parac Ocean. As a Goliath born orphan I was adopted by my human parents and raised to be a warrior hunter. My original parents lived high in the Kelketch mountains, yet as luck would have it when I was only six months old they came to hunt for rare herbs found only in the eastern part of the Umbala Jungle. They heard of my step father, Validus Venator, the best herb finder and hunter in the jungles of both Jagual and Umbala. I being so young, was left in the home of Validus with my current step-mother as he took my parents to find the rare healing herb of Lokilus. The unlucky party happened upon a pair of griffons protecting their young. They were savagely attacked. My stepfather said my parents fought valiantly, killing one of the griffons and saving my step-father by their bravery. Validus then took the herbs needed by the Goliath people up in the mountains and told them of my parent’s death. They were very appreciative of the herbs as they were badly needed and named my step-father as an honorary Goliath. My father asked them if he could raise me as his son, they agreed.

My father’s last name, Venator, means hunter in the old tongue. He wanted me to also have a name in the old tounge, as his first name, Validus means mighty, he gave me the name Solus which means alone. He new that being raised among the puny human families I would be ridiculed and thus be a loner. He was a wise man. As a child I knew the best of all worlds. I learned from my father to be a great hunter and tracker in the jungles, and with the river and ocean at my doorstep I also learned to excel in boating, wave catching, swimming, and fishing. My father also took me to the mountains to meet those of my own kind, yet as they were nomadic and few they were hard to find. He also had me accompany him to Norfeld on occasion so that I might learn the ways of humans and even once to the desert of Azerbad to learn survival skills of the desert. My mother also kept him honing my warrior fighting skills. She said my parents were chosen to get the herbs because they were known to excellent fighters so then I should honor them by being a fine fighter as well.
Being raised around humans was always a bit difficult. When I was old enough to play with the other kids at the river or beach they would make fun of me, and more often than not beat me up. I learn to become a fighter the hard way you might say. The good thing I suppose is that once I turned around 12 I was already over two hundred pounds and at least six foot tall. By then no one would mess with me. They might have in groups, yet by then I was already quite good with the sword my father had given me. My uncle, Tiberius, an accomplished swordsman, had honed my skills with the sword since I was nine so again, by the time I was twelve I had little fear for my safety. It was then that I actually made one or two human friends. I found as I got older, the maturity level of those I met was higher so I guess me being different was not that much of a problem. My best friend Balder was big for a human, six foot six and strong as an ox. We had some great competitions. I usually won, yet he said because of my challenges no other human could beat him.

Since the age of twenty-one I have not lost in any competition using the sword or my fists, my goal is to be the best swordsman ever. I practice many hours every day and when not practicing am hunting or lifting huge rocks and running to build my strength. Unlike most Goliaths, I do not shave my head. I have grown my hair long like that of the humans and like to wear it in a ponytail. I also eat and dress as they, preferring soft leather. From far off I am mistaken for a human, which is what I like as I was raised as one. I enjoy when I am with a group of human friends and other kind races such as those of the gnomes, elves, etc, and to be thought of simply as Solus, friend. To see and be seen as a person not as a race; to be seen as whom I am; not as I am supposed to be to fit someone’s stereotypes or mistaken beliefs. Once, two years ago, I went to the mountains by myself to see if I could make friends with other Goliaths. They rejected me. They know my story and that of my father, him they respect. To me they call a half, meaning they think of me as half human, half Goliath, good for nothing. They laughed at the way I do not shave my head. One of them then challenged me to a fight. After I lost they all laughed, and some spit on me. I trained for about four months, intensely, both Balder and my father helped me train. I went back up with Balder. They laughed even harder making rude remarks about me having a human friend. I found the one who had beaten me before and challenged him. The fight did not last long. Their humor and insults turned to anger and hate. They told me never to come back, there were a few that did not join in though, perhaps some day I will try again. So, Balder and I left. I told him my name Solus fit well. He told me that he would always be my friend. It was good to hear this. Later, at the local village gathering place Balder bragged on how I easily beat the other Goliath and how after I asked if any others wanted to try there luck and then how we were kicked out.
Now at the age of twenty six I am ready to go off and compete in the game of life. I will miss the surf of my sea, the calming noise of the river by step-father’s house along with the lushness and beauty of Jagual along with my family and few friends. Yet, I know there are adventures out there for me and I long for them. Even more so, I know I have gifts that were given to me to help others. Other Goliaths stay on their mountains, I want to roam the world and help as I can. I think when I return I will have some great stories to share.

Solus Venator

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