The Seer

A member of an Elder Race, The Seer is nearly all-powerful, but limited by the rules of his race.




The Seer is part of an Elder Race descended from a different galaxy but with a fate intertwined with humans nonetheless. The Seer is very determined to save the World, which he claims will be destroyed if the 12 items are allowed to fall into the possession of the evil. His race long ago decided that their powers would not be used for war or for intervention; he is powerless to do anything to help the Earth. Even if this were not so, the inherent godly creation of the Legendary 12 are such that they interfere with his powers. He would be helpless against them. This being so, he has searched the four corners of Othyr in an attempt to find someone that could help him. He has found adventurer’s capable of this, and sees true potential within each of them. His quest is a noble one, and his knowledge is endless. What ulterior motives he may have for helping Earth are indecipherable. He is trustworthy and loyal, and will help as far as the restrictions of his kind allow.

The Seer

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