The Legendary 12

Tul's Potion

The PCs bought a few new items from Sable’s General store and then sold their frost staff to Tul for a whopping 800 gp. After asking around for any clues about the next Legendary Item and coming up empty handed, they went to bed. They were awoken shortly after by a ghostly man, dressed in fine clothing. He bid the PCs to come to Tul’s house. Tul, impressed with the staff the three heroes had given him, decided to entrust in them a favor. He asked them to travel to Edmark, a near three day’s journey from Norfeld, to purchase a specific magical potion they sold there. The three adventurer’s agreed. They set off to Edmark, with Pylis’ knowledge of nature and Scarr’ innate sense of direction to lead them. At the River Plunge, (very close to Edmark) the three came upon two groups of arguing soldiers. One group had 15 members and was comprised mainly of humans, with two dwarves and a half-elf as well. This group, Solus noticed, was armored oddly, in ill-fitting garments. The second group was made entirely of Dragonborn, 6 of the strong warriors. The two factions were very close to bloodshed, in the middle of an argument over the river crossing when the PCs came upon them. Scarr and Solus, deciding to side with the Dragonborn, made an impression on the humans with their drawn swords and towering statures, Solus in particular standing over 7 feet tall. Scared, and no longer appreciating their chances, the humans considered backing down, and only the apparent leader of the group still seemed eager to pursue a fight. Pylis stepped forward to convince the man of his folly,and with the hulking Warden and Fighter behind her, not to mention 6 snarling Dragonborn’s, the opposing group decided to turn tail and run. Though, not without the leader swearing a reckoning upon the three.
With the group of bandits dealt with, the Dragonborn thanked the three heroes and promised to remember them for the future. They took the names of the PCs, and offered Solus a pin, a small button that bears the mark of the King. Such a pin is given to personal servants and guards of the King, as well as those who have preformed services for the Royal Household.
After the Dragonborn’s left, off to finish an errand for the King himself, the three had to cross the Plunge River. It was not deep, but its’ current rushed with a vengeance. Pylis turned into a small dolphin and swam across, allowing Scarr to hold onto one of her fins. They made it across the river safely, but their horses and Solus were left on the other side. Solus brought the horses along himself, his height giving him just enough of a advantage to be able to cross the water. Pylis’ horse became skittish and almost bolted, but together the three calmed it enough to allow Solus safe passage. Everyone made it across, with minimal injury. Pylis’ horse suffered a minor injury to its right hind leg in the struggle, but Pylis knew it would easily cure itself with time.
After a short ride, the three made it to Edmark. Here they were stopped at the gate by two guards. They asked for papers, or for some evidence of how the PCs would be of help to Edmark. Pylis quickly invented a story, claiming to be an alchemist looking to ply her trade. Which, of course, was rooted in some truth since Pylis’ father did excel with herbs and crafting. The guards however did not buy this story, pointing out that Pylis had no alchemical supplies or finished products. Solus quickly stepped in to try and remedy the situation, claiming he was here for soldier duty or mercenary work. He and Scarr, in perfect unison, tossed the guards a gold piece each. They happily allowed the three strangers through, pointing them to Vorn’s Rest as the nearest Inn. (the name sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) The PCs slept at the Inn and had a fine dinner, topped with famous Dwarven Dark Ale.

The next day in town, the three hunted faithfully for the potion that Tul described. After an hour or so of work, they found an old antique shop that carried the potion. The PCs haggled for the price and were turned down multiple times, but eventually convinced the proprietor to lower the price 50 gp. They bought the potion with the money Tul had given them.
Soon after, the PCs went to another shop, this time one that sold magical items for their own use.
When they were finished shopping, the adventurer’s decided to go back to Norfeld, deliver Tul’s potion, and claim their reward. On the way back two dwarves, the ones from the human bandit company, helped them operate a barge to cross the river. They were impressed by Solus’ fluent Dwarvish and allowed them free passage, whereas normally the bandits charged 5gp to cross.

After the long journey home Tul received his prize and the PCs were rewarded. Tul the Mage was so ecstatic he ran back into his home to experiment without another word.

Dagon's Rock and the Mask

The adventurer’s inquired about town and received no real helpful information. Rowena knew a few rumors, one involving the recent monster incursion at Dagon’s Rock, and another involving Makivk and his lackluster performance as High Council Member. The PCs decided to ask Makivk himself for information, though he knew little. Tul the Mage, apparently a master of many magical arts, was of no use either; he was too busy to see them. The PCs finally were offered by Sable, the owner of the town’s general store, a handsome sum of gold if they were to eliminate the monster’s infesting Dagon’s Rock, as they are ruining much of the tourism to Norfeld and, by correlation, his trade. They agreed, and headed off to the notorious rock formation. There they found many caves, only one deep enough to be the actual hiding place of these creatures. It turned out the enemies were goblins, two minor goblins along with a powerful Warcaster Hobgoblin. After a narrow battle, in which each PC crushed one of the goblin’s, the adventurer’s came out victorious. They picked up some gold and a gem from the goblins, and took the Warcaster’s weapon, a staff of frost. After such a close encounter the PCs decided to take a long rest, their backs to the cave wall. The sun had set hours ago. Waking to the faint rays of light that could permeate into the beginnings of the cave, the three heroes set off deeper, deeper into the darkness. Pylis’ keen eyes and Solus’ sense of direction led the way, and soon they reached what must have been the end of the cavern. All three sensed a magical presence, though they knew not what. Before they could explore, however, Scarr screamed in agony as he felt something lash against his torso and nearly knock him over. The only light in the place was the torch that Solus carried, its flames to weak to reach the ceiling of the deep cave. The attacker swooped again, and again, carrying off more flesh with it each time. The three tried to locate its whereabouts many times, but failed. Scarr, channeling his years of training in the woods and honed natural instincts, released the magic within his own body and took the form of a Willow Sentinel. A tree, tall and protective guarded Pylis and Solus as they stood in the darkness. The three fought, trying to hit what they couldn’t see. They all took severe damage from the enemies’ deadly swoops, but they retaliated well. Scarr, still in Willow Form, stopped the beast from attacking Pylis with his stout branches and even dealt damage himself.
Eventually, Solus decided he would investigate the magical presence, which indeed turned out to be the First Legendary Item, the Mask of Eagle Eye. He placed it on his face as quickly as possible and could immediately see the monster with ease. It was a Shadowhunter Bat, eager for food in its lonely cave. The heroes, listening to Solus’ descriptions, dispatched the creature quickly.
Soon after, the three were once again teleported. This time they met with the Seer again, among the molds of the 12. He offered to keep the Mask for them, so it could not be stolen. They declined, and he sent them back to Norfeld.

First Encounters

The three heroes set out on their own quests near their respective homelands, venturing forward for reasons of their own. Scarr, warden of the forest, wandered in the Black Forest towards Provia, in search of work. He soon learned the dangers of such a place. Pylis, in her first true journey from her birth town of Rikanda, headed west in look of adventure and hopefully a chance to prove her talents. Solus’ footsteps carried him away from his homeland of the Kelketch Mountains as he wondered through the Jagual on what seemed an ordinary, star-filled night. At the same moment in time, although the three did not know it, each encountered what seemed to be an ordinary boar, intent on killing them. Each proved their mettle and conquered the beasts, before being transported to a foreign cavern. The three heroes met the “Seer,” who charged them with saving all of Othyr. They are needed to gather the Legendary 12, formidable items apart and god-like when wielded together. After their meeting, the three landed in Norfeld. There they met a man named Grin, who turned out to be the owner of both the village’s inns. They slept well in the inn and the next day were greeted by three fresh horses, mysteriously acquired. After agreeing to try and find out more about the first item, the Mask of Eagle Eye, the three set off around Norfeld.
Pylis, Scarr, and Solus took the horses to Lyle, the stable-master, and arranged to keep their steeds there. Soon after, Solus decided to search around town to try and figure out the workings of Norfeld. He learned that the tavern is a good place for information and the main gathering point in Norfeld; also its proprietor, Rowena, might have information regarding the first item.


The adventurer’s have not met each other yet. Each of them possess special talents within them, but not a single one has realized his/her true potential as of yet. When The Seer meets with them, and if they accept his critical mission, however, they will be forced to work together and become the heroes they were truly meant to be.

The adventurer’s, once united, will begin in Norfeld, a mid-sized city in the South of Othyr.


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