There are 11 months in Othyr’s Year.


-first month of the year
-Holidays: FreshYear
-Translates to: New Times.


-second month of the year
-Holidays: Cul-Feast.
-Translates to: Light Times.


-first month of spring
-Holidays: Springday
-Named after past Emperor of Othyr


-month of flowers
-Abbas’ death-day


-fifth month of year
-Holidays: Peace Week


-fist month of summer
-Holidays: Harvest Day


-seventh month of the year
-Translates to: Top-day


-eighth month of the year
-rumored to be lucky month for marriages
-Translates to: Month of Change


-ninth month of the year
-Holidays: Dark Evening, Councilor’s Day, Time of Sifting.


-tenth month of the year.
-Holidays: Memorial Day


-first month of winter.
-Translates to: Time of Cold

Holidays Explained:

FreshYear: First day of the new year. Usually celebrated with wine.
Cul-Feast: The last day of Culwary, feasts are usually served in homes and all establishments offer low rates in celebration of the survival of the harshest parts of winter.
Springday: Falls around the middle of Sing, this is the day when the first flower is spotted.
Peace Week: A week to celebrate the continuing peace in Othyr and camaraderie among all citizens. Larger cities, notably the capital, hold parades, fairs, and other entertainments.
Harvest Day: day the farmer’s begin to harvest their crops. One of the longest days of the year.
Dark Evening: a night of celebration in light of the recently shortening days. This night is celebrated mainly by only humans, who dress up and throw extravagant parties and host entertainment all throughout towns. A night of little inhibition.
Councilor’s Day: A day to honor the service of every member of a Council in the towns of Othyr. They are well-wished and usually treated to a fine meal, payed for by willing citizens of each town. Sometimes, for well-liked Councilor’s, gifts are given.
Time of Sifting: A short period of days, perhaps a week or so at the end of Elvibir, in which the King, Queen, and any trusted adviser’s review the Council Members of each town, ‘Sifting’ through the good and the bad. This puts a strain on most Councilor’s Days, as shortly after their praise each member faces the possibility of termination. Judgments are usually passed based on the input of citizens and traveler’s through the respective towns.
Memorial Day: a solemn day of remembrance for the men and women who died in the Bloody War, as well as any lost loved ones. Most work is stopped during this day in honor of the departed souls.


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