Fabled Fighters

A mercenary guild devoted to gaining gold and fame. Members of the Fabled Fighters accept any job, no matter how sordid, as long as the pay is acceptable. Every member of the Fighter’s is hand-picked by the leader of the guild, a reportedly renowned fighter who has never lost a battle, but has never been identified. Each member excels in some kind of combat, be it hand-to-hand, swordsmanship, archery, or assassination. Because of this diversity, the Fabled are able to take on a wide variety of jobs, and their reputation is almost flawless. Although small in terms of members, when a job needs doing, the Fabled are a dependable option.

The Fabled Fighters have been influenced greatly by the deeds of Chet Felbrand. Indeed, the recent success of the Fabled is in great due to the supposed support of Felbrand that the Fighters claim to have. Some even speculate that Felbrand is the secret leader of the organization.

Fabled mercenary swordsman

Two members of the Fabled Fighters

Fabled Fighters

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