Orcus is the god of death. He goes by many names, including “The Prince of Undead.” He commands masses of dark, unholy creatures. Vampires, zombies, and even demons all fall under his domain. While he is the master of un-death, he feels no kinship with any of them, and actually hates his followers. Orcus generally loathes everything, living or dead, and can always be found in a murderous rage. His main dealings include disrupting the workings of mortals and battling with his rival, Graz’zt, the King of Devils. He is a force to be reckoned with, and many evil necromancers and evil cults worship him in a hope to gain power.

Painting of orcus

Painting of Orcus, as painted by King Abbas’ court scribe, Norkam of Provia.

Orcus' Symbol Symbol of Orcus, as seen adorning Jatty’s necklace.


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