The 12 Items

The Twelve Legendary Items are extremely powerful, crafted by the old gods and never meant to fall into the hands of mortal beings. They are scattered around the world; some hidden, some worshiped by cults, some guarded by ancient traps, some coveted by power-hungry leaders.
All bonuses granted by the Items count as Legendary bonuses and can stack with any other abilities or spells.

1. Mask of Eagle Eye
-+1 Wis -+1 Initiative -+2 to all visual-related skills —1 to Reflex Defense

-The Mask of Eagle Eye was originally made to enhance the visual prowess of the gods’ chosen champion.
The god believed that alertness and preparedness in battle was all important,
and would prove more valuable than pure might.
The only drawback is that the Mask bestows such heightened sense of sight that its wearer is almost
constantly distracted by his/her new, detailed sight and reflexes suffer occasionally.
-Currently, the Mask of Eagle Eye is buried in a nondescript cave,
home to a group of unintelligent,roaming monsters.
Any group of able-bodied adventurer’s should be able to retrieve it with little injury.

Mask of Eagle Eye

2. Deep Tear Ring
-+1 AC -Water-breathing

-The creator of this Ring was a lesser god of the seas.
He knew his champion would strike from water and be victorious through surprise attacks
and superiority in his element. The water-breathing ability this ring bestows
works constantly and cannot be dispelled or stopped by any means, even temporarily.
-The Deep Tear Ring is currently resting at the bottom of a faraway lake.
The woods surrounding this lake is home to a variety of creatures,most notably a wood nymph.
This fey creature has knowledge of the Ring and its whereabouts, and may attempt to help or hinder
any intruders, depending on their goals/attitude.

Deep Tear

3. Crown of Deceit
-+3 Diplomacy -+1 Intelligence -+1 Constitution -1/day cast Charm Person (duration 1 min./level) -Like many of the lesser gods, this items patron knew that brute force would not win against the mightier gods’ champions.
This crown, which when donned becomes invisible to all but the wearer, bestows the deadly combination of cunning and charm.
With it all dealings for the wearer become simpler, easier, and quicker.
The champion who wore the Crown managed to kill off three of the other champions merely by convincing them that they needed to kill each other. -The Crown is currently in the possession of one Draven Olster, a ferocious and greed-ridden human.

Crown of Deceit

The 12 Items

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