The Legendary 12

Draven's Downfall

Angry after the encounter with Carik, and with a plan already set, the heroes went out that very night to enter Draven’s castle. With the help of a few rebels and superior stealth skills, the mission was executed almost flawlessly. Draven’s personal desk turned out to be a hotbed of documents revealing the man’s illegal activities.


Dregs of a Cauldron

After thorough preparation the heroes set off for Cauldron and the Crown of Deceit.
The trip to Cauldron was a long one, but familiar to the trio after their earlier trek to Cauldron Lake. Their horses hooves’ seemed to fly over the terrain, their canter making quick work of the journey.

At Cauldron, the trio ran into the same resistance from the guards as they had previously.
“No outsiders allowed. Draven would have our heads. Begone strangers.”
Instead of causing a scene, the three decided they would infiltrate the city by stealth. Under cover of nightfall they scaled the city walls, leaving the town none the wiser.

The next day saw the adventurers searching for information. The town was as oppressive as one could have guessed; one man was dragged through the streets despite his screaming protests. An aura of menace permeated the air, and citizens walked with heads down.

Eventually, Pylis’ persistent efforts paid off. After overhearing her asking about Draven on a street corner, a woman named Jane Grey approached the huntress.
“You have an interest in Draven?” Jane asked, careful to not be overheard.
“I wouldn’t call it an interest,” Pylis evaded.
“He is an evil man.”
“So I have heard,” Pylis agreed.
“You are a warrior.” It was not a question, and Pylis did not deny it. “If you promise to refrain from violence…I think I can help you.”
“You are a stranger to me, and I shall promise nothing.”
Jane hesitated for a second before saying, “That is fair. Draven and his vile men have taught us all to be careful where we place our faith. But I feel you are worthy of it.” With that, she slipped Pylis a scrap of parchment and faded away into the crowd.

The three followed the instructions to find the hideout of Cauldron’s rebels, a group of men and women determined to end Draven’s reign of fear. However, few were fighters and all were avidly against violence.
“If we stoop to his level we are no better than Draven himself. Problems can be solved without physical altercation.”
Despite their pacifistic views, the rebels proved to be an invaluable source of information. After Solus and Scarr gained Jane Grey’s trust, the full knowledge of the rebels was made available to the heroes.

Apparently, Draven was never officially elected to his position of High Council Member. Every year at the Time of Sifting he essentially muscled his way into receiving full marks. Technically, he holds no claim to the position and could legally be overthrown.
Of course, no one in Cauldron is brave enough to even attempt such a process.
The rebels also revealed more information regarding Draven’s personal power and that of his subordinates. Even with their considerable strength, the trio would have extreme difficulty in killing Draven outright.
Instead, Grey suggested a plan to infiltrate Draven’s personal quarters and find concrete evidence to implicate him of his crimes.
The heroes agreed to this plan and also to the preparation it involves.

On the way back to the Inn, a group of men led by Carik the Half-Orc (Draven’s second-in-command) attacked the group. Carik himself proved to be a ferocious barbarian and nearly as strong as Solus. But his lackeys were not quite as skilled, and together Pylis and Scarr eliminated them in a matter of seconds. Carik was no match for the full force of the trio and soon fled the scene.


After resting up in Norfeld and talking about it amongst themselves, the group decided that they were ready to head out for Cauldron and claim the Crown of Deceit. However, the morning of their departure a large earthquake struck the middle of the town square!

It soon became obvious that the resulting chasm that opened led to the old mine shafts that used to run through Norfeld and Tolstead over a century ago. Sable, Rowena, and William of the Council all approached the heroes with offers to explore the hole. Sable and William both believed the mineral deposits that could be discovered would be of great worth, and Rowena happened to know that her great-grandfather, a miner, had died in those very caverns, and was asking for a memento of his passing. The band denied William’s offer, choosing instead to partner with Sable and map the mines for any mineral or silver deposits, as well as agreed to search for Rowena’s families’ heirlooms.

Down in the hole, the adventurer’s ran into challenge after challenge. Duergar’s, or gray dwarves as they are sometimes called, held a large portion of the underground tunnels. Nature had encroached on other areas, making them difficult to traverse. After navigating the cold, narrow passages, solving puzzles, fighting a cult of kobolds, a pack of dire wolves, and a rust monster, the party eventually did find several deposits of iron ore, silver, copper, and other minerals, in addition to a necklace inscribed with the Surack family name.

The heroes came back to the surface after a fortnight and a half of exploration to the celebration of the townspeople. Their discoveries allowed Sable and his general store to expand, and Makivk and the council believe that the mines may be able to be reinstated to their previous working order, providing jobs and expanding the town.

Old Tower, New Enemies

The adventurer’s made it to the tower, running into little opposition in the small stretch of Black Forest they wandered through. The goblins seemed to have scared away most other wildlife.
At the tower itself, rundown and musty with age, the group bashed their way through a horde of goblin underlings and their leader. Not, however, before this leader managed to ring a gong, alerting the groups of goblins on higher levels.
Ascending the stairs, the three were met with darkness and a bunch of hiding goblin sharpshooters. After a long battle, they managed to defeat the archers, the hobgoblin mage, and even a trio of skeletons that were summoned when old remains were disturbed. They climbed to the next and last level of the tower, partly exposed to the open forest because of the crumbled walls.
A ferocious battle ensued with the goblin underboss and his pet wolves. After a narrow victory the heroes investigated the goblin’s makeshift throne, of marble make and apparently centuries old. They pried free a series of valuable gems and found a secret compartment holding magical gauntlets.

Back in Tolstead, the heroes were greeted with many thanks and their gold reward. They soon traveled back to Norfeld, to share the news of success and rest well after a job well done.

Trouble in Tolstead

The nearest town north of Norfeld, Tolstead, has long been used to dealing with monstrous threats because of its close proximity with the beast-ridden Black Forest. However, the recent influx and attack by goblins in the area is more than even this rugged, walled town could handle. With an old, rundown watch tower situated in the beginnings of the Black Forest as their base, the goblins were able to lay siege to the town, waiting in the forest until citizens dared wonder beyond the walls. They would then attack stragglers, and, if the town tried to release soldiers in force, call upon their allies. Over forty goblins are living, massed together, in the ruined tower, enough to pose threat even to the armed militia of Tolstead.

The first man to successfully escape the confines of the city, Lare, rode to Norfeld in the hope of getting aid. Makivk, High Council member of Norfeld, immediately suggested Solus, Pylis, and Scarr as up to the job. Lare, after a night’s rest, thanked Norfeld and led the three warriors to the besieged town.
Once there, after little trouble at the gate, the three were quickly introduced to the High Council member of Tolstead, one Eli Drake. Wise and firm, the elf told them of the situation and of the nuances of the goblin attacks and strategies. After some preparation and purchasing of supplies, the heroes left the safety of the walled town and headed to the Black Forest, in full knowledge that they would be ambushed once they left the immediate vicinity around Tolstead.
They pretended to be ill, limping and moving toward the forest lazily and without conviction. The goblins took them lightly, and the three attacked before the goblins even drew there weapons.
With the surprise over, the goblins did put up a decent struggle. The adventurer’s, however, crushed them with ease.

Family Trouble

“You look just like your mother, miss!” “ do you know my mother?” Pylis asked the messenger, a boy of no more than 15 summers. “I’m from Rikanda, miss, sirs,” The boy turned to each of the three in turn, offering a short bow. His eyes lingered on Solus for a moment, obviously in awe of the towering Goliath. “You probably don’t remember me, miss. I was little when you last saw me. But while you’ve been gone I’ve had to visit your mom three times. She calls me a trouble-maker. Here, this is for you. It’s from your dad. I don’t think your mom is well.” “She is in trouble?” Scarr asked from behind Pylis, the urgency in his voice unsettling. He had not seen his own mother in years. “I think she is okay,” The boy said, unsure, “I think she is just sick. I asked her why she didn’t just heal herself. Its all in the letter. Do…do you think I could go?” He looked around the town eagerly, his eyes resting on the stables. A horse, one of Lyle’s, poked its head past a stall to look at the stranger boy. He grinned, then turned back to Pylis. “I’m kind of tired.” “Of course,” Pylis answered with a smile. “Go, rest, and thank you.”

The three heroes soon learned that Pylis’ mother had been ill for a fortnight at least. She had believed her condition to be mild, but it was only getting worse. She could not heal herself, but she did know of an herb that could help her, the Laddur Herb. Pylis’ dad implored her to please search for the plant, and if possible, send it back with the messenger. Currently they were looking throughout the Umbala, much of Rikanda aiding in the search, but they were not optimistic. The plant is known mainly to grow underground.
Without hesitation the three set off in search of such an herb. They knew, from their earlier foray to Dagon’s Rock, that just east of the famed rock formation there was a deep underground cave.
After a daring exploration and fight with a gang of goblin’s, led by a worthy fighter by the name of Irontooth, the three adventurer’s found the herb and managed to get back to Norfeld safe and sound.
The messenger happily accepted the herb and the return letter Pylis wrote to her family, smiling and waving as he left, the two gold Scarr and Solus tossed him sitting warmly in his pocket.

DeepTear Ring

Tul the Mage has divined the location of the second Legendary Item for the group. It rests somewhere near or even in Cauldron Lake.

The three headed out, determined, and made it to Cauldron in a little over four days. Once there, they were turned out of the city by the guards on watch at the gate, who demanded qualifying papers signed either by a Council Member, by an official of Sasplen, or by Draven himself.

The guards appeared serious, and even intimidated by the mere suggestion of Draven’s disapproval.

The three adventurer’s decided to circle around the city, ignoring it, and head to the lake, their true destination. A small woods blocked their way, and the three entered willingly.
While wandering, heading for the lake, the group was attacked by a gang of Kobolds.
They fought trickily and Solus’ leg was ravaged by a bear trap, but together the three overcame the Kobolds with little real damage.

Closer to the lake, on its banks, rested two huts. These belonged to two different townsfolk of Draven, living out near the lake in relative peace. One man, Yorn, helped the heroes around, showed them the lake, offered to sell supplies, and told them the legend of a jewel once lost in the lake.

The three continued on, exploring around the pristine water, when a slender figure approached them, what looked to be a female elf.
The three were kind at first, but the elf was defensive, demanding to know why they were on her land, disrupting the woods and the lake.
Sadly, Pylis, Scarr, and Solus had difficulty conveying their honest intentions to the woman, and acted crassly enough to offend her. She, now revealed to be a Nymph, a true guardian of Nature, attacked them relentlessly.
They defeated her, but did so with heavy hearts.

The waters of the Lake, beautiful and clear, undoubtedly held the DeepTear Ring, the Second Legendary Item. After a moment’s debate Pylis was sent down to fetch it.
She transformed herself into a young dolphin and propelled herself down through the cool water. She ran into a few obstacles; getting tangled in seaweed, a ramming fish. However, after frantic searching, she emerged with the ring held in her mouth, then transformed back.

The Seer teleported the heroes to him when they called his name, and offered again to hold either item in their respective molds. Here they can not be lost or stolen.
Solus decided that giving up the Mask of Eagle Eye was a good idea, and that it might be safer to keep it with the Seer. As it entered its mold it’s color changed and it seemed to melt slightly in with the stone.
Scarr opted to keep his newfound DeepTear Ring, knowing it would benefit him more on his finger than in a mold.
The Seer informed them that the next item was directly near the second, this time in Cauldron itself. He teleported them back, but not to Cauldron, but to Norfeld, with the warning,

“You are not yet ready for the perils of the Third Legend.”

Murder of a Councilor

Grawn, a senior Council Member, has been found killed behind Grin’s Inn.
Norfeld, always hailed as one of the most hospitable towns in the nation, is is panic at this horrible event.

The Council convened and has gathered what evidence they could. While some of them are reluctant to trust the three newcomer’s to the town, the heroes are soon entrusted with the investigation of the murder. The murderer could still be out there, ready to strike again, and he or she must be caught.

After 6 days and much investigation involving interrogation, research, deductive reasoning, an anonymous tip-off that turned into an ambush, the study of a body, magical means of divination, false accusations, rumors, etc., Scarr, Pylis and Solus discovered the culprit of the murder, the Sower Jatty.
He was, they discovered through a series of clues, a member of a Cult of Orcus, bent on ridding the town of the Council Member who had helped oppress his work and delivering a soul to the Prince of Un-death.

Jatty was prepared for a violent battle with the three, however, supremely confident in his abilities and the blessing of his master. It was hard, but not impossible, and the trio crushed the dark necromancer.

Everyone of the townspeople felt gratitude towards the three heroes.

Meetings and Greetings

The Council has finally given in and decided to hire a town guard, consisting of 10 soldiers, mostly due to recent events. Every Council Member agreed that the Orcs stole into the town much too easily. In addition, many new residents have been moving to Norfeld as of late, and with the rising population a guard was eventually inevitable. Fry, the grizzled veteran of the King’s Army and formerly the only soldier in Norfeld, has been appointed the head of the new militia. And one of Fry’s first duties is to greet every new face in Norfeld, welcome them to the town, and inform them and all residents that taxes will be raised in order to afford the new guardsmen.
Fry, apparently, is not at all fond of this duty. He asks Solus, Pylis, and Scarr if they can take up the duty in his place.
The three agree, and meet a host of new citizens around Norfeld.

An Unlucky Horseshoe

A band of Orcs stole into Norfeld in the dead of night and took all the horses in Lyle’s Stables. The Council was quickly convened and Fry was sent to investigate. The three heroes quickly darted off to follow the trail the Orcs, in their haste, left behind.

The heroes found the Orcs sleeping, but at the smallest noise they popped up, alert.
After a quick but fierce battle the PCs crushed the three Orc Raiders and reclaimed the Horses.

Back in town, Lyle offered them free stable-care for life and the entire town was impressed with them.

Later, Tul the Mage told the PCs where the Second Item was, after they had paid him earlier. He saw Cauldron lake, shining in the midday sun.


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