The Legendary 12

DeepTear Ring

Tul the Mage has divined the location of the second Legendary Item for the group. It rests somewhere near or even in Cauldron Lake.

The three headed out, determined, and made it to Cauldron in a little over four days. Once there, they were turned out of the city by the guards on watch at the gate, who demanded qualifying papers signed either by a Council Member, by an official of Sasplen, or by Draven himself.

The guards appeared serious, and even intimidated by the mere suggestion of Draven’s disapproval.

The three adventurer’s decided to circle around the city, ignoring it, and head to the lake, their true destination. A small woods blocked their way, and the three entered willingly.
While wandering, heading for the lake, the group was attacked by a gang of Kobolds.
They fought trickily and Solus’ leg was ravaged by a bear trap, but together the three overcame the Kobolds with little real damage.

Closer to the lake, on its banks, rested two huts. These belonged to two different townsfolk of Draven, living out near the lake in relative peace. One man, Yorn, helped the heroes around, showed them the lake, offered to sell supplies, and told them the legend of a jewel once lost in the lake.

The three continued on, exploring around the pristine water, when a slender figure approached them, what looked to be a female elf.
The three were kind at first, but the elf was defensive, demanding to know why they were on her land, disrupting the woods and the lake.
Sadly, Pylis, Scarr, and Solus had difficulty conveying their honest intentions to the woman, and acted crassly enough to offend her. She, now revealed to be a Nymph, a true guardian of Nature, attacked them relentlessly.
They defeated her, but did so with heavy hearts.

The waters of the Lake, beautiful and clear, undoubtedly held the DeepTear Ring, the Second Legendary Item. After a moment’s debate Pylis was sent down to fetch it.
She transformed herself into a young dolphin and propelled herself down through the cool water. She ran into a few obstacles; getting tangled in seaweed, a ramming fish. However, after frantic searching, she emerged with the ring held in her mouth, then transformed back.

The Seer teleported the heroes to him when they called his name, and offered again to hold either item in their respective molds. Here they can not be lost or stolen.
Solus decided that giving up the Mask of Eagle Eye was a good idea, and that it might be safer to keep it with the Seer. As it entered its mold it’s color changed and it seemed to melt slightly in with the stone.
Scarr opted to keep his newfound DeepTear Ring, knowing it would benefit him more on his finger than in a mold.
The Seer informed them that the next item was directly near the second, this time in Cauldron itself. He teleported them back, but not to Cauldron, but to Norfeld, with the warning,

“You are not yet ready for the perils of the Third Legend.”


I’m so glade we got the ring!!!!

I can’t believe we put the mask in the mold!

DeepTear Ring

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