The Legendary 12

Family Trouble

“You look just like your mother, miss!” “ do you know my mother?” Pylis asked the messenger, a boy of no more than 15 summers. “I’m from Rikanda, miss, sirs,” The boy turned to each of the three in turn, offering a short bow. His eyes lingered on Solus for a moment, obviously in awe of the towering Goliath. “You probably don’t remember me, miss. I was little when you last saw me. But while you’ve been gone I’ve had to visit your mom three times. She calls me a trouble-maker. Here, this is for you. It’s from your dad. I don’t think your mom is well.” “She is in trouble?” Scarr asked from behind Pylis, the urgency in his voice unsettling. He had not seen his own mother in years. “I think she is okay,” The boy said, unsure, “I think she is just sick. I asked her why she didn’t just heal herself. Its all in the letter. Do…do you think I could go?” He looked around the town eagerly, his eyes resting on the stables. A horse, one of Lyle’s, poked its head past a stall to look at the stranger boy. He grinned, then turned back to Pylis. “I’m kind of tired.” “Of course,” Pylis answered with a smile. “Go, rest, and thank you.”

The three heroes soon learned that Pylis’ mother had been ill for a fortnight at least. She had believed her condition to be mild, but it was only getting worse. She could not heal herself, but she did know of an herb that could help her, the Laddur Herb. Pylis’ dad implored her to please search for the plant, and if possible, send it back with the messenger. Currently they were looking throughout the Umbala, much of Rikanda aiding in the search, but they were not optimistic. The plant is known mainly to grow underground.
Without hesitation the three set off in search of such an herb. They knew, from their earlier foray to Dagon’s Rock, that just east of the famed rock formation there was a deep underground cave.
After a daring exploration and fight with a gang of goblin’s, led by a worthy fighter by the name of Irontooth, the three adventurer’s found the herb and managed to get back to Norfeld safe and sound.
The messenger happily accepted the herb and the return letter Pylis wrote to her family, smiling and waving as he left, the two gold Scarr and Solus tossed him sitting warmly in his pocket.


I’m glad my mom is okay :)

Family Trouble

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