The Legendary 12

Meetings and Greetings

The Council has finally given in and decided to hire a town guard, consisting of 10 soldiers, mostly due to recent events. Every Council Member agreed that the Orcs stole into the town much too easily. In addition, many new residents have been moving to Norfeld as of late, and with the rising population a guard was eventually inevitable. Fry, the grizzled veteran of the King’s Army and formerly the only soldier in Norfeld, has been appointed the head of the new militia. And one of Fry’s first duties is to greet every new face in Norfeld, welcome them to the town, and inform them and all residents that taxes will be raised in order to afford the new guardsmen.
Fry, apparently, is not at all fond of this duty. He asks Solus, Pylis, and Scarr if they can take up the duty in his place.
The three agree, and meet a host of new citizens around Norfeld.


That part of the game was fun, but we didn’t really do it.

Meetings and Greetings

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