The Legendary 12

Murder of a Councilor

Grawn, a senior Council Member, has been found killed behind Grin’s Inn.
Norfeld, always hailed as one of the most hospitable towns in the nation, is is panic at this horrible event.

The Council convened and has gathered what evidence they could. While some of them are reluctant to trust the three newcomer’s to the town, the heroes are soon entrusted with the investigation of the murder. The murderer could still be out there, ready to strike again, and he or she must be caught.

After 6 days and much investigation involving interrogation, research, deductive reasoning, an anonymous tip-off that turned into an ambush, the study of a body, magical means of divination, false accusations, rumors, etc., Scarr, Pylis and Solus discovered the culprit of the murder, the Sower Jatty.
He was, they discovered through a series of clues, a member of a Cult of Orcus, bent on ridding the town of the Council Member who had helped oppress his work and delivering a soul to the Prince of Un-death.

Jatty was prepared for a violent battle with the three, however, supremely confident in his abilities and the blessing of his master. It was hard, but not impossible, and the trio crushed the dark necromancer.

Everyone of the townspeople felt gratitude towards the three heroes.


I liked fighting Jatty! :)

I wish we had gotten paid though. :(

Murder of a Councilor

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