The Legendary 12

Trouble in Tolstead

The nearest town north of Norfeld, Tolstead, has long been used to dealing with monstrous threats because of its close proximity with the beast-ridden Black Forest. However, the recent influx and attack by goblins in the area is more than even this rugged, walled town could handle. With an old, rundown watch tower situated in the beginnings of the Black Forest as their base, the goblins were able to lay siege to the town, waiting in the forest until citizens dared wonder beyond the walls. They would then attack stragglers, and, if the town tried to release soldiers in force, call upon their allies. Over forty goblins are living, massed together, in the ruined tower, enough to pose threat even to the armed militia of Tolstead.

The first man to successfully escape the confines of the city, Lare, rode to Norfeld in the hope of getting aid. Makivk, High Council member of Norfeld, immediately suggested Solus, Pylis, and Scarr as up to the job. Lare, after a night’s rest, thanked Norfeld and led the three warriors to the besieged town.
Once there, after little trouble at the gate, the three were quickly introduced to the High Council member of Tolstead, one Eli Drake. Wise and firm, the elf told them of the situation and of the nuances of the goblin attacks and strategies. After some preparation and purchasing of supplies, the heroes left the safety of the walled town and headed to the Black Forest, in full knowledge that they would be ambushed once they left the immediate vicinity around Tolstead.
They pretended to be ill, limping and moving toward the forest lazily and without conviction. The goblins took them lightly, and the three attacked before the goblins even drew there weapons.
With the surprise over, the goblins did put up a decent struggle. The adventurer’s, however, crushed them with ease.


I’m glad Makivk though of us!

Trouble in Tolstead

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