• Belegiel Talavaelan

    Belegiel Talavaelan

    A half-elf Emissary of the King, Belegiel is patient, congenial, and a renowned negotiator.
  • Bodahn Raghnall

    Bodahn Raghnall

    Bodahn is a former brawler turned guardsmen, and is always eager for action.
  • Chet Felbrand

    Chet Felbrand

    Chet is a renowned bounty-hunter with a heart of ice. He cares for no one and for nothing except the hunt.
  • Draven


    Draven Olster is the very definition of greed. He worships gold as his god. He loathes Half-lings and all their kin but favors Dwarves.
  • Fry


    Grizzled Veteran from the King's Army, now serving as the head of Norfeld's town guard.
  • Grin


    Owner of the Norfeld Inns and slightly crazy.
  • High War King of the Orcs

    High War King of the Orcs

    Tough, Ruthless, and determined to better the lot of the Orcs, this is a foe to be reckoned with.
  • Jasmine


    The Queen of Othyr. She is stunningly beautiful and highly ambitious.
  • Jelkin


    A lovable, charming man, funny and easy to talk to. He is the High Council Member of Provia.
  • Lyle


    The Owner of the Norfeld Stables. He is very reserved.
  • Makivk


    The High Council Member of Norfeld. He loves to eat and does little else.
  • Relndor


    Relndor is the High King of Othyr. He is a just and generous ruler, but often given over to fleeting fancies.
  • Rowena Surack

    Rowena Surack

    The owner of the Norfeld Tavern, Rowena is gossipy and loud.
  • Sable


    Owner of the Norfeld General Store
  • The Seer

    The Seer

    A member of an Elder Race, The Seer is nearly all-powerful, but limited by the rules of his race.
  • Tul the Mage

    Tul the Mage

    A highly skilled elven mage. Tul is aloof but not arrogant and has a hacking cough.